I learn so many things every day that I got the understanding about market responsibility in all the pathways with the luxury products , services to catch and follow the new luxury consumer are running and growing in this early XXl


We should follow to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to connect with the real modern GLOBAL luxury consumer.

had born in Jujuy - Argentina in the Pachamana’s Jungas Incas Place.


I arrived to Iberia - Europe to learn how to work hard for free sometimes in a Fashion schools and product garment design department while studying at Fashion University I improved a lot about design, cut, and sew the models with the Balenciaga’s team and I won the Grand Prix of the International Fashion Prizes in Gifu Japan in my last year in 1993.


When I finished my University, I discovered the professional Multinational luxury companies and improved about the Mediterranean Latin American and India fusion diet whit Ferran Adria to began a creative chef as well.


I was responsible of Fashion and food services, Product and Brand Manager, analyzed luxury position and brand identity those international brands as possible business development in new markets position in Europe and Orient.


I was working and searching in Eco Fashion projects in NYC and after that I had transfer to Singapure and New Delhi - India for 5 several year , In this country I learned about this most better emerging market when I developed many project in luxury product for man and women, a Foundation project in handicraft embroidery with European themes.


After that I improved about the global brand consciousness responsibility in the luxury market.

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